2021-06-04 11:01Press release

Bodecker Partners is expanding

Patrik ÅbergPatrik Åberg

Bodecker Partners is recruiting Patrik Åberg, senior portfolio manager at Göteborg Energi.

Fredrik Bodecker, Managing Partner:

“The demand for our services continues to increase - the PPA market is growing, and our risk management philosophy is gaining attention. More and more investors are discovering the benefits of combining PPA and merchant exposure and how a professional advisor increases revenues and reduces risks. Patrik also has extensive experience with EU ETS, green instruments, and flexibility projects, which will benefit our growing commitment within the carbon market and sustainable energy sourcing for industrial customers.”

Patrik Åberg:

"The energy industry is undergoing some of its biggest changes ever, creating new challenges but also opportunities for market participants. To have the privilege of contributing to, and working together with, all the genuine knowledge and expertise available in Bodecker Partners to deliver the absolute highest quality advisory to their customers is something I look forward to very much .”

About Bodecker Partners AB

Bodecker Partners’ expertise within Swedish electricity certificates and carbon emission rights, as well as the Nordic power market, is first-class. We offer independent advisory services to power producers and renewable energy investors in addition to tailored portfolio management services for electricity certificates and carbon emission rights.


Fredrik Bodecker
Ce-Founding Partner - CEO
Fredrik Bodecker