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New report on Nordic Renewables, energy markets & EU ETS

Nordic Renewables & CO2 report_Bodecker PartnersNordic Renewables & CO2 report_Bodecker Partners

A brand-new report with the latest on Nordic politics, wind and solar build-out, PPAs, EU ETS, and much more.

We are six months into the year, and Nordic power producers continue to enjoy high power prices. The hydrological balance has deteriorated significantly, and the EUA-price keeps going up. There are huge area price differences between north and south, and no
quick solution is in sight.
Notifications of industrial projects in the spirit of climate change keep coming and contribute to even higher expectations on future electricity demand. We can also state that the Swedish wind power veto is about to be replaced, that Norway’s permission processes can resume, and that Nordic offshore is in the starting blocks. In Europe, we are anxiously awaiting the “Fit-for-55” package on 14 July. To quote, Daniel Engström-Stenson at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency interviewed: “This is very big!”. 
In our final interviews, we also get insights into Småkraft’s analysis of climate change´s effects on hydropower and our own portfolio management manager Gustaf Sundelius’s
thoughts on the vast area price differences. Fredrik finally sums up the authority seminar on elcertificates where it is confirmed that the stop date will not be postponed.
This report is sent out 4 times/year to our portfolio clients and subscribers. Included is also monthly summaries and invitations to our seminar & network/matching event. 
For information on subscription, read more here, and contact mia@bodeckerparters.com

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Mia Bodin
Ce-foudning Partner - Analysis & PPAs
Mia Bodin