2020-12-23 12:44Blog post

Merry Christmas!

The end of this unusual year is approaching. In addition to Covid-19 and all its impact, we also had other special challenges on the Nordic power market. A hydrological surplus far above normal, a failed stop-mechanism in the electricity certificate scheme, and transmission restrictions resulting in the largest area price differences ever have contributed to significant revenue losses for many of our clients.

But we've also had much positive news. The build-out of wind power continues and is soon expected to account for 30% of Swedish electricity consumption. The EU has strengthened its climate targets and agreed on offshore wind and hydrogen strategies. And, also, in the Nordic region, we have seen several announcements on investments for reduced emissions and increased flexibility.

At Bodecker Partners, we have also had a continued exciting year. In addition to new clients choosing our alternative for revenue risk management, we have had the privilege of working with PPA advice in both Sweden and Finland, strategic advice on flexibility markets, risk management projects for emission allowances, and helping new investors with introductions to the Nordic power market and long-term forecasts.

Instead of Christmas gifts, we have chosen to donate money to Giving People and the Child Diabetes Foundation - a little help on the way to a better world for our precious children.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

All the best,

Mia, Fredrik, Gustaf & Sevdie

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Mia Bodin
Ce-foudning Partner - Analysis & PPAs
Mia Bodin